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ICW 2020 dates to be announced soon!

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“Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history.


Within the strokes of a painting brush and the spin of a potter’s wheel lie the crafts of the world waiting to be seen and heard by the birds & the bees, the workers & the rulers, the lovers & the prisoners, the makers & the followers, the men & their world. The Crafts of India are a mirror of the cultural identity of the ethnic people who make it. They carry the magnetic appeal of the Indian culture that promises exclusivity, beauty, dignity and style. India Craft Week is a celebration of Craftsmanship and a salute to craftsmen and artisans who devote their entire lives in developing and preserving this rich heritage.

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Explore Craft products, folk Music & Dance, Rare Art Gallery, Symposium for sharing ideas, and exclusive Craft Workshops are the highlights.

India's first official Craft Week has much to talk about from Luxury Brands to Artisans, explore more in Chapter-3 of India Craft Week.

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