Why India Craft Week?

ICW is India's first official craft week, listed by World Craft Council, Asia. It is the only platform that celebrates finest craftsmanship by uniting luxury brands and master craft makers. The world has witnessed London Craft Week, Sydney Craft Week, and China Craft Week. It's about time to discover a blend of tradition and modernity, that is India Craft Week. ICW brings together craft persons, artisans, designers, and brands through craft installations, live demonstrations and cross-talks.

What's the date and venue of India Craft Week (ICW) 2019?

The second chapter of India Craft Week will take place at Aerocity, New Delhi, on December 4-8, 2019.

What are the different categories in India Craft Week?

ICW features seven unique categories: 1. Craft Rare is a select group of handpicked craft persons representing the endangered craft forms; 2. Craft Panorama is a showcase of more than hundred fine-art, folk and tribal paintings from India; 3. Craft Luxe is an exhibition of finest brands, organizations and individuals known for craftsmanship; 4. Craft Installations is a display of distinct works created with an artistic sense; 5. Craft Symposium is a platform for leading art & craft personalities, celebrities, experts and educators to discuss significant topics on craft; 6. Craft Workshops is a collection of more than twenty rare and exclusive workshops in the fields of textiles, ceramics, paintings, gemstones, wood carving and many more conducted by celebrated masters of national and international repute; 7. Craft Rhythm is a montage of exquisite folk and traditional performances from all over India.

How can one partner with India Craft Week?

1. Be a Sponsor: If your brand stands for 'finest craftsmanship' which is also at the core of your business, you're welcome on-board to collaborate with us and together present the world to finest craft experiences; 2. Be a Participant: Showcase the range of your luxury handmade products and demonstrate the process of how they are crafted to creme de la creme, including top-notch global brands, retailers, buyers and HNIs;

3. Be a Buyer: Join us at ICW to explore latest trends in Sustainable, Ethical, Hand-crafted, Luxury products;

4. Be a Visitor: Take a walk through seven of our unique categories to discover rare crafts, luxury handmade products, crafts workshops, folk & traditional performances and a lot more;

5. Be a Media Partner: By becoming our media partner, your brand will gain visibility amongst a broad audience comprising of global thinkers, leaders and doers in the fields of Craft, Handmade and Luxury.

Who visits ICW?

Anyone who share the love for 'finest craftsmanship', 'handmade', and 'luxury'. ICW welcomes art and craft enthusiasts, connoisseurs, critics, curators, collectors, company honchos, educational institutions, buyers and HNIs.

How to get in touch?

To know more, please feel free to write to our Program Head, Divya Arora at or call us at +91 9999 470 484