Last year's Craft Symposium witnessed celebrated personalities including Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Cabinet Minister, WCD (Govt. of India) GM Rao, Chairman GMR Group, Ragini Grandhi, GMR Group, Avantika Dalmia, Dalmia Group, Dr. Ghada H. Qaddumi,President World Craft Council-APR, Sundeep Kumar, CEO, Craft Beton, Gullu Sen, Renown Ad Guru, Adwaita Gadnayak, Director General, NGMA, 

Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi, India’s first Art Curator, Padmashri Rita Ganguly, Musician & Dancer, Dr. Arshiya Sethi, Cultural Visionary, Satish Gupta, World Renowned Artist, Muzaffar Ali, Film-Maker & Fashion Designer, David Abraham, Fashion Designer, Rahul Mishra, Fashion Designer, Jaya Jaitley, Craft Revivalist, Dr Darlie O Koshy, Former Director, NID, Ahmedabad, Erroll Pires Nelson, Master Camel Braider, Manisha Jha, Icon of Sante Fe Tribal Art festival, USA, J. Niranjan, Nantong International Award Winner amongst many others..



Cost per session


25 different craft forms for visitors through live demonstrations with 2 slots (Morning-Afternoon) each day.

4th Dec, 4-5 PM,: Designing India's Fashion & Textile Heritage

India’s fashion/jewellery designers have been the one who have always kept Crafts alive, and they have played a pivotal role in promoting Crafts of India world-wide. Unfortunately, the same didn’t inspire the generation of product, interior and architecture professionals to integrate crafts into their design ideas. Fashion hence can be termed as a great patron and strategic partners in up keeping India’s Textile/clothing/adornment heritage. Know more on inspirational journey of Fashion Professionals who built a successful partnership with Crafts of India!

5th Dec, 4-5 PM, Crafting Lives

Meet India’s most inspiring ladies who built successful enterprises, and gave immense thrust to India’s rich culture and heritage by building successful business model. Women driven organization has also inspired generations of women to explore heritage as one of major segments to focus as start-up, and encourages other women to find ways and means to build successful enterprise. Know the secrets of these successful women creating history whether in building brands, e-commerce platforms or even new models in governments to travel destination to promote India’s rich culture and heritage.

6th Dec, 4-5 PM; Objects of Desire; The rise of local craft into future Luxury

Why is current global craft and artisanship undervalued, while historic global crafts are highly sought after and collected? Would partnering of design and craft can honor and value the tradition? Can re-contextualizing, re-valuing the artisanal work through cutting edge, sophisticated design would make sense and give rise to new Luxury? The time has passed when a designer could dip into another culture for inspiration, and then produce their designs without recompense to the community that inspired their work. Designers can no longer in good conscience raid the cultural and historic heritage of others, without partnering with those communities and repaying that debt in equal value. The true luxury of the future is handcrafted, indigenous and heritage crafts, re-interpreted for high-end customers and markets. Take a dip into new strategies that would drive the course of future luxury.

7th Dec, 4-5 PM; Crafting Narratives (Craftsmanship in Film, Media & Communication)

Indian Cinema & Media in a known Craft, and ‘Fine Art of Making Films/Documentaries’ brings new genre of scripts, music, cinematography, direction, costumes and many such aspects that are part of larger culture and heritage of India. Indian Cinema & Media has a great emotional connect with everyone, and even with time the ‘language’ of Indian cinema/media has evolved/changed, so has the ‘Art of Making’ changed? The Cinema and Media has contributed in shaping young minds and are part of India’s heritage & literature. Be a receptive audience to deep dive into a journey of Indian Cinema & Media Crafts.

8th Dec, 4-5 PM; Inspiring stories of an Artisanal Journey

From security guard to a world renowned artist, from being confined in homes during the curfew to becoming world legends, and from mundane deserts to bring flying colours of Crafts, craftsperson and artisans have inspired everyone with what they can do in limited or no resources, their passion to pursue their creativity and to help society at large find employment and means of life. Have a face to face with such legendary Craftsperson and Artisans from across the world!

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For Students

back to future; re-building craft sector


For Faculty/Professionals

4th Dec, 12-1 PM: Museums; A new touch point of Crafts & Cultural experiences?

Do you know how to explore a Museum, as a visitor you need to even learn the anatomy of a Museum to build a greater understanding on how to build interface with them. Learn from the Masters the Art of Museology, where they suggest best methods to engage with Museums for building experiential interface. Most of the Museums are also evolving with changing technology, and latest technology is being integrated for best user interface. The session would help you to explore Museums beyond knowledge centers to more holistic.

5th Dec, 12-1 PM: Crafting from the Wilds

Nature has been the biggest inspiration, and an epicenter of the greatest ideas. Primarily built on a principle that is symbiosis, it has a reason for all the existence. Crafting from the wilds' session helps you to explore diverse recipes from the nature that can be used in food, cosmetics, fashion, home or other products. So explore the local materials, endless creativity and territories less explored!

6th Dec, 12-1 PM: Integrating craft education to build Soulful Economy?

As a school or college tutor do you think Craft Education is necessary? Beyond hobby Crafts play an important role in preserving heritage & culture, does nation building, creates livelihood, encourages social inclusion & sustainable culture and gives employment to millions of people. Imparting craft education in younger generation can help generate pride of our own heritage & culture and help building a soulful economy. Institutions and nodal agencies in education has to play this crucial role, by making it part of mainstream curriculum and syllabus in schools, colleges and institutions. Late than never, can this happen now?

7th Dec, 12-1 PM; Future Tradition; Will Global Crafts Survive 2050?

Will past Tradition be the future tradition, when the corporatisation of creativity is leading to a mix culture? Most of the Craft Forms are either vanished or are on the verge of extinction. Craft Sector lacks a cohesive vision & policy, interestingly for ‘Climate Change’ there is so much of debate world-wide, should Crafts also need such a debate? When the thousands of years of Culture and Heritage are on the verge of extinction like Climate Change? It is imperative to seek answers now before plethora of rare skills is totally gone from this world. Hear the policy makers, what they are thinking of tomorrow to help Crafts survive few more decades.

8th Dec, 12-1 PM; Glocal; Trends & Inspiration from Craft Sector

In a world when everyone is stuck to technology, the tactile explorations have come to stand still. The knowhow of material & media is also becoming too narrow, as our sensibilities are inspired from ‘Search’ than ‘Research’, and the objects what we see are offspring of what is already there than something radically new. It has a high time that all the students, faculty, design professionals and even the industry should explore things that are original. Crafts can help bring ideas & innovation for future. The session aims at inspiring a whole range of new ideas trickling up from the Craft Sector.